COMPOSI-SLEEVE is the industry leader in non-welded pipe repair and reinforcement systems. Our new innovative patented technology allows Composi-Sleeve to work better than standard pipe repair methods and can be used in many situations including washes, spans and bridges, road crossings, boulders and more. The unique steel composite hybrid repair system we use is a completely new classification of pipe repair and reinforcement, allowing Composi-Sleeve to continuously move with your pipe, making it last longer than most standard pipe repair systems.


Introduction to Composi-Sleeve

Watch this video to learn how Composi-Sleeve works, and why it rises above the rest:

Take a look at our most recent TEST RESULTS and COST COMPARISONS to see why Composi-Sleeve is the safest, most reliable & easiest way to repair your pipes and tanks.


Terry Bradshaw explores the benefits of Composi-Sleeve on the new Discovery Channel show VIEWPOINTS


New From Composi-Sleeve

RISER ARMOR is a new cutting edge technology that repairs and protects transition zone pipelines.
It is quick, environmentally friendly, and more cost effective than repair methods that are conventionally used.